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Electrolux ERN 2201 FOW

Frigidaire MRAD19V9KS

Indesit TIA 180

Vestfrost VF 320 W

Vestfrost AB 108

Bomann KG211 red

Climadiff CLI45

La Sommeliere CTV80

Vestfrost VF 200 MB

La Sommeliere CTV175

La Sommeliere CTP175

La Sommeliere ECT245.2Z

La Sommeliere ECT65.2Z

La Sommeliere VN28C

La Sommeliere CTP140

Vestfrost VF 201 EB

Electrolux ERN 92001 FW

EuroCave V-PURE-M

ATLANT ХМ 4425-050 N

Bosch KGN36NL10

De Dietrich PSS 312

Samsung RL-50 RUBVB

Gorenje NRK 6P2X

Hotpoint-Ariston HF 7200 W O

Bosch KGN39AV18

Hotpoint-Ariston HBM 1181.3 H

BEKO CMV 529221 S

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Please help the project: Thank you!

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